Abraham Rosales


capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator the population is 3,226,516 of 2014.

Mongolia Desert

Gobi desert,Alta mountains,mount Khuiten, are the landscape of Mongolia.there is sometime snow.

countries around Mongolia


places and people.

  • half of the people that live in Mongolia are Buddhist
  • 1/4 of the population in Mongolia live in small town or villages.
  • There a lot of Buddish temples in Mongolia
  • most people in Mongolia speak dialect


  • One of the first countries to race horses
  • kids are most likely to play soccer or basket ball
  • most of them eat the same food
  • One of the two favorite holiday is new years .


  • It has a government democracy government by people.
  • Russia and china are Mongolia main trade partners.
  • Mongolia trades cattle ,sheep,goats or yaks.
  • Some people still use horses to go around.

3 fun facts

  • Gobi desert is the driest it docent's rain in a year
  • along time ago Mongolia use to be part of chins
  • 1989 broke away from Russia


most of it was from culture and the images were from