Percy Jackson

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Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is 12 years old, a lot of things changed for him when he went on a field trip with Yancy Academy to the Metropolitan Muesuem with his friend Grover. There was this lady named Mrs.Dodds and she asked Percy to come with her for a moment.. now Percy thought he was in trouble but he actually was but he didn't know that though. Then Mr.Dodds turned into a fury and attacked Percy and Mrs.Dodds kept on asking Percy "Where is the lightning bolt Jackson, where is it!" and Percy responded "I don't know what your talking about" but Mrs.Dodds didn't take that for an answer. Then Mr.Brunner came in and said "Put him down or I will get you myself!" then with rage Mrs,Dodds dropped Percy on the ground and flew through a window.

Grover Helps Percy

After Percy got attacked by the Fury Grover explained to him "Don't look at anybody don't even talk to anybody, let's get you home to pack and explain what happened to your mom."


So to make this go by quickly to rap this whole thing up, Percy,Annabeth and Grover go to Luke to get some help because Percy's mother is in the Underworld because when she turned to dust that was Hades so Percy's mother didn't die at all. Anyway's they went to Luke to get to the Underworld so they could save Percy's mom. Luke gave them some directions to get the pearls and so they get all of the pearls and make it to the Underworld. When they get there Percy get's his mom back and finds the lightning thief which is Luke. Percy and Luke fought and Percy won, and then Percy returned the lightning bolt to Zeus and he was happy and said that he was sorry for accusing him as the lightning thief.

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