By: Alexandra Gorden Smith

Author- Alexander Gordon Smith

Alexander Gordon Smith is 33 years old born in 1979 in Norwich, England . and is the know author of the Escape From Furnace Series. He wrote the books the inventors- which was runner up in the national Wow factor awards. He has writing creative writing and bestselling children's books. He is in the process of publishing his new series The Fury. Alexander Smith writes mostly Young adult novels.

This book I think is set towards teenagers and adults. Anybody who like to read book that are thrilling and exciting would like this book. I like this book a lot because it is exciting. You never know whats going to happen and the author is best at describing. When your reading it you can feel your self as if you are actually there.


The conflict is a kid Alex who was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he was framed for. Alexis struggling to be the first and only person to ever make it out of Furnace Penatentary.

Plot teaser- Alex gets framed for murder by the weezers. They take him to the furnace penatentary to live out his life sentence. Alex is faced with making friends with the gangs in the prison and trying to be the one who escapes. Everyone looks up to him. He will soon find out about the real stories behind the prison.

Passage from the book.

"The elevator had taken us to the very depths of the prison -- a stretch of bare stone that was easily the size of a soccer field -- and above us as far as we could see lay its tortured, twisted interior. Furnace certainly deserved its name. The walls were made from the very rock of the earth, their surfaces rough and red, and the half-light of the room made them flicker as if they were on fire" (Page 52). This passage is important because it shows how crazy Furnace is and the depth of how dark it is. This as well shows that their may not be a way out.

Main Charecters

Alex- Was framed of murder and is sentenced to life in prison. He begins in the prison as a scared kid but soon becomes the strongest one and bravest one.
Donovan- was framed as murder and put into the same prison as well. He becomes Alex's cell mate and close best friend. Zee, Alex and Donovan become close friends and create their own pack. He is really buff and is surly the strongest of them.
Zee-Who as well was framed for murder and is sent to the same prison. He becomes Alex's first friend. He is the skinniest and smallest kid of their group.