First Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: April, 2014


First grade artists will look at the unique portraits of the sixteenth century artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. This artist used colorful fruits and vegetables as well as other unique and seasonal items to create portraits of people of the time. Students will use their knowledge of Pop Art to put a modern twists on their own unique inspired portraits.


In first grade we will continue reading folktales, concentrating on folklore of the Americas, especially tall tales. We will talk about how to find series books and look at some titles that are “just right” for readers who are new to chapter books. We also will read stories about Easter and Passover.


The first grade students have done a wonderful job listening and learning about the instruments of the orchestra. We will be using this knowledge as we do a unit study on “The Carnival of the Animals.”


In physical education class we will continue to develop our physical fitness and work on muscular strength with a focus on core. Our floor hockey unit begins with the basic introduction of how to hold and swing the stick as well as stick handling, passing and shooting. Following this introduction to floor hockey, we will turn our attention to juggling and how to juggle with one, two and hopefully three items at a time. Also, t-ball, baseball, and kickball will be presented and students will begin to learn and practice the skills associated with those games.


First graders are finishing their insect study. We saw our mealworms change from their larva to pupa state to finally their adult state, a darkling beetle! We counted the number in each state as they changed and commented on the observations we noticed. Though inquiry, students will experiment with the darkling beetle and mealworms to find out if they like light or dark and see if their preferences change as they get older. This month, in the Friday Folder, will be there will be information if you (or your child) would like to keep some mealworms as pets. Then we will start our new unit on Botany and students will receive brand new journals and talk about all the ways people use plants. Students will draw a detailed picture of a plant, which will be compared to another drawing after the unit. Finally we will taste food from the different parts of plants. Special care will be taken for those students with allergies.


In April we will finish up our clothing unit with a culminating technology project that will push our Spanish reading and writing skills! As the month continues we will talk more about the four seasons and their characteristics. We will focus on spring and learn lots of new vocabulary for things found in nature as well as warm-weather activities. Learning the activities will help us begin to talk about what we do and do not like to do. As always we will emphasize listening comprehension and speaking and we will continue to practice asking and answering basic questions in Spanish! First grade will build on their literacy skills in Spanish with more reading and writing activities to accompany the speaking and listening..