Geography of Italy


When rock beneath the crust of the Earth gets hot, it turns to liquid rock or magma. Magma is called lava when it erupts or oozes out of volcanoes. Lava can be as hot as 1,832 fahrenheit. The tallest volcano in the solar system is Olympus Mons. Olympus Mons is 17 miles high. Olympus Mons is on Mars

Italy's Real Geography

Italy is just bigger then Arizona. Italy is a peninsula shaped like a boot. On the west side, Italy is met by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Italy is met by the Adriatic Sea on the east side. on the northern side of Italy, is Switzerland, France, Austria and Slovenia. The Alpennine Mountains on the north top of Italy makes the boundary. The largest lake in Italy is Garda. Garda is 370 sq. km. long.


In Conclusion, Italy has very tall and low geography. Italy has lots of mountains and volcanoes. I have had lots of fun with this project.