An Island Owned by Olivia Arguello

Location and Physical Features:

My island country is Pollock. Pollock is located in the Atlantic Ocean. My country is located 30 degrees North, and 60 degrees West. It is North from Florida. In Pollock, some of my physical features are swamps, mountains, lakes, rivers, and deserts. Mountains, rivers, lakes, and swamps, are all barriers.


In Pollock, most people live near the mountains, and the National's Capital. They mostly live there because of the nice views, and visiting the Capital once in a while. My country has high population density in some parts and in other parts, it is low population density. Some parts have low population cause of the land, or other features. Other parts have high population cause of nice views, fun places to go to, beach, and lots of land. My country's population is growing, there is still lots of other parts that people can live. Mostly people like to move around a lot to try out all different parts to see which parts they like best.


My governments political system is Democracy, so that all people can also make choices and choose our leader. My government is unlimited. Most people choose to follow different laws than each other.


MY country is developing, more people are coming in and it is still growing. My economic system is Socialism, so that other people can also have some decisions too. My country makes most money from services. some services are movies, restaurants, mall, salons, stores, ECT. The services produce clothing, food, electronics, cars, and lots of other things.

Other facts:

Pollock got its name from my favorite artist, Jackson Pollock. He did lots of drip art.

Also some people come to visit because of our beaches. They are really nice and have great views. And some families will stay at hotels on the beach. In the map below, to the right of Florida is where Pollock is located.