By Summer Brock

Overview/History of Poetic Form

Sonnets is the oldest and most expressive poems.Made in the 14 century by an Italian man.Shakespeare 154 sonnets were published in 1609.The first english sonnet was composed by Sir Thomas Wyat.

Purpose of Poetic Form (Why are these types of poems written?)

The purpose of writing Sonnet poems is to express the way you feel. Most Sonnets poems are about love and heartbreak.

Characteristics of Poetic Form (How can you and your peers identify it?)

Characteristics of a Sonnet is that all of them have at least 14 lines they can be broken down into four sections. Strictc rhymes.

Example of a sonnet poem

From Visions
Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374)

Being one day at my window all alone,

So manie strange things happened me to see,
As much as it grieveth me to thinke thereon.
At my right hand a hynde appear’d to mee,
So faire as mote the greatest god delite;
Two eager dogs did her pursue in chace.
Of which the one was blacke, the other white:
With deadly force so in their cruell race

They pincht the haunches of that gentle beast,

That at the last, and in short time, I spide,
Under a rocke, where she alas, opprest,
Fell to the ground, and there untimely dide.
Cruell death vanquishing so noble beautie
Oft makes me wayle so hard a desire.
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Lex McKee

Sonnet 18 William Shakespeare Mixdown by Lex McKee

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