RES Staff Update

November 27-December 1, 2017

Staff Dress for This Week

Monday-Jeans Day...Let's ease back into this week after our break!

Tuesday-Team Shirt Tuesday with jeans or professional dress

Wednesday-College shirts with jeans or professional dress (Western wear on Thursday and Friday)

Thursday-Hoedowns (western wear with jeans or professional dress)

Friday-Hoedowns (western wear with jeans or professional dress)

Please wear the dress assigned if you are wearing jeans. We do not have a spirit day this week since it's the last week of the month, which is why we have college shirts. We are wearing those on Wednesday to allow for western day dress.

Holiday Project

Just a reminder that gifts should be ready for wrapping on Monday, December 11. We are so fortunate to have volunteers who will be wrapping all of the gifts purchased for this special project.

Thank you for your help with this project!!

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November/December Twitter Challenge #RESholidaybingo

Congratulations to our October Twitter Challenge winners: Stacie Moreland, Jennifer Vargas, Emily Gunn, Connie Kubis, Christi Moran, and Kelly Oetken

This next challenge is similar to our Summer Selfie Bingo Challenge. This is a Holiday Bingo Challenge. You will receive one drawing slip per bingo (up to 5 bingos) and 6 drawing slips if you get a blackout! When you complete a challenge on the bingo card, you'll need to post a picture (or video) of you completing the task AND a picture of the bingo card with that square marked off. Save the picture below to use in your posts. If you need help with how to mark the card or how to post the picture, there are several staff members that can help--just ask! Have fun with this one!! Be sure to tag your tweets with #RESholidaybingo

See the example below the bingo picture. Thank you, Courtney!

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Calendar Additions

Please add these updates to your calendar.


Tuesday, December 12-- Family Night at Holiday Shop (5 to 7 pm)

$1 for Crazy Hair on November 28

On Tuesday, November 28, all students will be able to participate in Crazy Hair Day by contributing $1 to our scholarship fund. The scholarship fund will benefit a former Robison Rocket (or even 2 to 3 students) who will be graduating this year. We will have other activities this year to raise money for this cause. Last year we raised $2400! Please remind your parents about this in your weekly blast, and feel free to participate! :)

Upcoming Hoedowns (November 30 & December 1)

Information about the upcoming hoedowns was shared in the November Rocket Register. Please help us communicate this event to our parents. It is new this year, and it replaces our traditional western day dancing. Please plan to come watch your students dance for at least a portion of their large group time. They are always so proud to show off their dancing for their teachers.

Thursday, November 30

Kindergarten: Portillo, Lowman, and LaMontagne

1st Grade: Grisham, Gross, and Raia

2nd-5th Grades: Groups C & D

Friday, December 1

Kindergarten: Kastor, Harrison, Rogers, and Huffman

1st Grade: Herridge, Meyer, Gunn, and Rother

2nd-5th Grades: Groups A & B

The performances will be held in the gym during their large group times:

Kindergarten @ 1:10-2:05

1st Grade @ 2:05-3:00

2nd Grade @ 12:05-1:00

3rd Grade @ 9:40-10:35

4th Grade @ 11:05-12:00

5th Grade @ 8:45-9:40

Personal Leave Requests

Please be sure to complete a personal leave request (attached below) prior to taking personal leave. If you are wanting a particular sub, you are responsible for contacting the person and then indicating on the form that they have accepted the job. Sally will then be able to put that sub in for you. Please do not suggest someone for Sally to contact. This takes too much time for her to do this for each person. If you do not secure your own sub, Sally will put in your job and it will be open for anyone to pick up. The first five people to have read this far and then email me will receive a jeans pass. Thanks for reading! :)


The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.