Important English 11 Notice

English 11 Testing Options

Per VDOE, all state and federal assessments must be delivered under secure, standardized testing conditions in the presence of school personnel and may not be administered remotely to students. Students in any instructional model (100% distance or hybrid) must attend school in person in order to participate in testing. LCPS will ensure that all health mitigation procedures are in place and social distancing is observed.

In order to meet diploma requirements, all students need to earn a verified credit in reading and writing by taking the Virginia SOL in both areas. Rock Ridge High School will be administering the Writing SOL March 8-19. This SOL is a two-part test with multiple choice and a writing prompt, usually completed over two school days. The Reading SOL will be administered in May and is a federally required test.

Please fill out this form by Friday February 5th indicating whether you would like your student to participate in these assessments this spring, or if you would like to defer testing to the fall. If you indicate that you would rather have your student test in the fall, you will be contacted to fill out a parent refusal form this spring for the Federally mandated Reading SOL.

While we encourage all students to participate in assessment, we understand that some families may retain concerns despite health mitigation practices. Parents who do not wish for their student to participate in state and/or federally mandated assessments may indicate their refusal by completing a form. Please contact Katie Blessing to obtain a copy of this form.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Blessing.