Screencasting From Your MacBook

4 FREE Screencasting Tools For "Flipping" Your Class Lessons

Flipping Out!

Are you looking to "flip" your classroom lessons? If so, we are going to take a look at 4 FREE tools that you can use to create your own flipped content from your MacBook:
  • QuickTime
  • Jing
  • Screencast-o-matic
  • Screenr


1. To begin you will want to visit to create a FREE account. This is where you share you screen recordings in order to give others access to them.
2. View the screencast for using Jing for screen recordings.
Screencasting Using Jing
3. Here is another link to a screencast to learn how to use for sharing your screen recordings.


1. From your "Spotlight", search for the QuickTime Player application.
2. Select QuickTime Player to open the application.

3. Once QuickTime has opened, from the "File" drop-down menu select New Screen Recording.
4. Upon selecting "New Screen Recording", you will see your Screen Recording controls pop up.

5. You will see a "down" arrow to the right of the red, record button. Make sure that it is set to your built-in/internal microphone.
5. By clicking the red "record" button, you will receive options as to record a portion of or your entire display.

6. When you are finished recording your screencast, click the "Record" button (it is now a black square instead of red).

7. Once you stop your recording, your video will pop up for review. In the right-hand corner of your video control bar you can select from a variety of "share" options.
8. By clicking on the "File" menu in QuickTime, you can access more ways to share your file. You can choose "Export To" to send your screencast to iTunes, iMovie, and more. You can send your screencast to iMovie for editing purposes.
9. Lastly, you can save your movie file to your computer. From the "File" menu select "Close." You will then be prompted to save your file to the desired location on your computer.


Screenr is a web-based screen recorder. Simple go to the website to begin your screencasting process.

1. Once you are on the Screenr website, you will see a red record button.
2. Click the record button to begin screencasting.

3. Your screen recorder will load automatically or it may prompt you to download the current version of Java. Please download the FREE Java update if necessary.
4. Once your Java is updated, you may see a red "brick" in the top left-hand corner of your browser. Click on this red "brick" to activate your Java Applet.
5. After your Java Applet has been activated, your screen recorder will load automatically and prompt you as to how to proceed with your recording.
7. Once you have stopped recording, you will be directed to a preview of your screencast where you can choose to publish it. This will allow you to give your students, staff, parents, or anyone else access to your recording.
8. You will choose to login to one of the accounts, seen in the image to the right, in order to publish your screencast.
9. Your screencast is published to your very own Screenr account that you access through the account in which you chose to log into in the previous step. You'll access your published recordings by clicking "My Screencast". Here you will choose the method in which you will share your recordings with others.


1. Create a Screencast-o-matic account.

2. After you login to your newly created account, click "Start Recording."
3. At the "Screen Recorder" page, click on the Download + Install option.

4. On the next page you are directed to, click "Download Now."
5. Click "Save File" at the installer prompt.
6. Once the installer is downloaded, select it from your "Downloads" folder to complete the installation process.
7. You will be prompted to drag and drop the "SOM" icon into the Applications folder. Do as instructed.
8. Go to your "Spotlight" and search for Screencast-o-matic, and click on either the Application or Top Hit.
9. At the Screencast-o-matic pop-up screen, select "Use Free Version."
10. Follow the instruction on your screen recorder page to begin screencasting.
11. When you have finished your recording and clicked "Done," you will be directed to a "Preview" screen. Here you can decide how to share your screencast with others.