El Salvador

Austin Gray (Santiago)

Travel to El Salvador

The average round trip ticket to El Salvador from Atlanta, Georgia, is $429.

a round trip ticket means that you can travel to and from a place with one ticket. The Crowne Plaza hotel would be a good hotel to stay at and for the hotel room and the flight, the total is $1,003.

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Tazumal is a tourist attraction in El Salvador. The reason it is such a huge tourist attraction, is because it is a Mayan archeological site. Also Tazumal is found in the city of Chalchuapa. It is $3 to see this.

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El Boqueron National park

This national park is on the top of the San Salvador volcano. What makes this unique is the fact that it is on top of a volcano. it is $1 to see the national park.
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Coatepeque Caldera

This is a lake. What's so special about it is that it was made from a series of volcanic eruptions about 50,000 years ago. Its free to see this lake so you can see it anytime.
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