Kindergarten Newsletter

Whitt Elementary

Next Week in Kindergarten

Math: writing, representing, and comparing numbers to 20

Sight Words: not, play

ELAR: CVC and CCVC words, rhyming, digraphs, -ox word family

Writer's Workshop: Jan Brett

Social Studies: Martin Luther King Jr.

Science: day and night, sun and moon

Upcoming Events

TOMORROW, January 18th

Mother Son Game Night, 7-8:30pm

Monday, January 21

No School

January 28-February 1

Book Fair Week

Monday: 9-9:30 Stayton, 9:30-10 Travis

Tuesday: 9-9:30 Bray

Wednesday: 9-9:30 Burnett

Thursday: 9-9:30 Kuehnhold

Friday: 9:30-10 Jennings

Tuesday, January 29th

The 100th Day of Kindergarten!

Thursday, January 31st

Book Fair Family Night, 5-8pm


Dress Up!

Our 100th day of school will be on Tuesday, January 29th. To celebrate, we would love to have the students dress up like they are 100 years old! Be creative and have fun! We cannot wait to see all of our cute little old wolves. :)

Girl Outfit Ideas: printed skirt, pearls, glasses, sweater, wig, gray hair spray, knee high socks, large purse, scarf

Boy Outfit Ideas: button down flannel shirt, suspenders, tie, glasses, sweater vest, drawn on mustache or beard, gray hair spray

100th Day Project!

We have another family project coming up where you can help your child use 100 objects to create some type of product! You can use 100 pennies, stickers, beads, cheerios...ANYTHING you want to collect! Once you have all 100 items, feel free to get creative in how you display them! You might glue them to a poster board, make a necklace, or design a statue! This project is due on the 100th Day, January 29th. We cannot wait to see these fun projects and show them off in the hallway!

MOY Assessments

Next week we will be assessing kindergarten students to see how far they've grown throughout the first semester! You can help us at home by making sure your child has breakfast and a good night's rest. :)

Word Wall

The table below is of our kindergarten word wall, and it will be updated weekly with our new word(s). Please practice these words with your child at home so that they will become memorized and recalled quickly. :)
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