Charming Dotties Team

Exclusive Invitation for Stars & Rising Stars

Let's hit the Mall & grow our networks!

Please join me!

We all know that honing our 60 second commercial is key to growing our business - so lets all get together and hit the mall this week!

Join me on Wednesday evening at the Somerset Collection Starbucks (1st floor, north side) donned in your favorite statement necklace, scarf, handbag, etc. We'll the each take a section of the mall with our mini look books in hand - ready to pass out to all that compliment us or even those that we compliment because you know they would love our line!

We'll meet back at Starbucks after 45 minutes to share our success and to participate in our first ever Mall & Mini's Awards - a little fun competition never hurt anyone, right?!!!

Mall & Mini's Awards Categories will include -
*Trunk show booking on the spot!
*Most Mini's handed out
*Rudest response!
and more...

Let's see what carving out one hour of time can do for your business! Not only will we have fun together with this challenge, but you'll meet strangers to build your business while throwing fear out the door... and you'll create your own success story this season!