The One And Only Ivan

By: Alayna Wilderman

Where does Ivan live?

I know what you all are thinking. A gorila lives in the wild or out at a zoo. But not this gorila, Ivan lives at a place called The Big Top Mall Exit 8. Ivan dosen't really like the mall but he has to stay there. While he is there he has to preform and sit there while other humans look at him throught the clear glass. Sometimes Ivan would like to escape the Big Top Mall, but he knows that all of the other animals will be there waiting for him to come back.

Who is Ruby?

Ruby is a baby elephant who is very curious and a very friendly elephant. When she is friends with people she never forgets them. When Stella dies Ruby is very upset and she doesn't want to do everything. She asks Ivan all of these questions which makes Ivan even sadder. Ruby doesn't like it when people are sad and she doesn't like it when other people are sad. All of the other animals at The Big Top Mall Exit 8 love Ruby!
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Who are Ivan's best friends?

Ivan has many very good friends but one of them is Stella. Stella is a female elephant that always has a feeling for other animals. She is always caring and nice and is the perfect match for Ivan. Another friend of Ivan's is Ruby, Ruby is a baby elephant. Ruby became Ivan's best friend when Stella had passed away. Both of them have connected really while. Ruby has being talking to Ruby and always making her feel better. The last friend is a stray dog named Bob. Bob is a great friend to Ivan and he always keeps him company. For example, Bob sleeps on Ivan's back. Ivan misses it when he isn't there.

What do you think will happen next?

I the end of the book Ivan and Ruby end up in a zoo together. Ivan had kept his promise to Stella and in all Ivan is very happy. Bob, was taken by Julia and George, which will be a great family for a stray dog like Bob. After this had happened, I think that they would all have lived happily ever after!
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