My future education

Exams /University/studies

Something about me

Since my childhood I liked to dance. When I was five I was sure that in the future I will be a professional dancer. But my opinion changed with the times. I was growing up as a person and my goals were growing up too. I like to communicate with people, bring them to the common purpose, analyze many phenomenons, so I chose social science discipline.


I am going to hold 4 exams:

  • Math
  • History
  • Lithuanian language
  • English language



ISM is one of the most dynamic and modern universities in Central and Eastern Europe. The ISM University of Management and Economics continues the best traditions of management and economics studies. Graduates can successfully use the knowledge and skills they acquire in the international business environment.


Industrial Technology Management

  • This is a unique programme in this region and combines the disciplines of management, technology management, fundamental science, and humanities/social science into a coherent whole.
  • The programme is designed for people who are seeking managerial careers and who are aware of the importance of technology and fundamental science as well as the power of interdisciplinary knowledge in the modern economy.
  • When I will end this programme I will be able to communicate with clients, engineers, and other managers in the language of industry.
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