What's Your Personality Type?

By: Yesenia Moore


*ISFP'S are called, "The Artist". They're not really into leading or controlling others. Also flexible and open-minded.

*ISFP'S are considered; quiet, serious, and kind.

*They dislike conflict, loyal, and faithful. They also enjoy the present moment.


*The common traits of an ISFP are being; Charming, Sensitive to others, Imaginative, Passionate, Curious, Independent, Easily stressed, Unpredictable

This Is Sorta Me....

This type sorta describes me, except for the quiet part because I am not quiet. I love to talk, but the rest kinda does pretty much describe me cause that's my type. That's what I am!

Career Paths for ISFP'S

ISFP'S usually go into arts, being a personal assistant, teaching, computing, accountancy, teaching administration, and nursing. Research shows that most popular careers are not always the most enjoyable. Enjoyment depends on how well the career matches your personality.

Learning Styles of an ISFP

ISFP'S learn with interest. The more they enjoy the given topic, the greater their interest will be in it and the greater their desire to participate in the direct application of what they learn. ISFP'S easily & quickly retain new material when it actively engages their feelings & emotions.

Famous ISFP'S

Some famous people that have the ISFP personality types are: Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Ervin "Magic"Johnson, and U.S. President, Ulysses S. Grant
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