Froggy News

May 2, 2015

Weekly Events

Wednesday 2:15 PM-Young Author's Day-Debbie Dadey will be visiting our school-The kids and I are sooo excited about her visiting our school.

If your child has already bought and received a Debbie Dadey book called Vampire's Don't Wear Polka Dots please send it in to get signed by this Tuesday. All other Debbie D. books will be given out on Thursday, May 7. Want to learn more about Debbie Dadey and her writing? Check out her website at



This week the children will be beginning a new unit in Science called Habitats. We will begin by learning the difference between wants and basic survival needs. Next, the children will be learning about how there are many organisms that live in an oak tree. We will be learning about different types of bird bills and bird feet. We will be discussing the different types and how their habitat plays a large role.

In order to have the children experience what it's like for birds to find food and eat it. The kids will try and catch marshmallows and dig for gummy worms using different types of "mock" bird bills.



This week in reading we will be a book called Weird Bird Beaks to go along with our Science unit. The skills we will be focusing on will be the following:

  • comparing and contrasting
  • author's purpose
  • adjectives
  • main idea and details
  • text features
  • answering factual questions


The children will be brainstorming characters for their fantasy stories and using story boards to help them organize their ideas. They will also be writing a rough draft. The skills we will be working on this week are the following:

  • reviewing nouns
  • verbs, verb tenses
  • creating strong leads
  • contractions
  • punctuation marks


This week we will be starting Unit 10. We will be learning about the following:

  • money notations
  • use a calculator to solve money problems
  • comparing prices and solving problems about price differences

The play-The Poster Contest

Starring-Ava, Freddie, Nic, Charlotte S., and Olivia




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