Kayla Leatherman

Personality Profile

All About Me

*I love to text

*I love to snowboard

*I love to hang out with my friends

*I like to sleep a lot

*I don't like school

*Karley is my best friend

*Jordan is my sister

*Morgan is also my sister


I am 36% attached to moral values & feelings, emotional relation with the environment.I am 32% focused on the facts and not really on reality.I am 30% centered on my thoughts & actions, determined by my knowledge & experience.My family and friends are 62% of my core emotions.My inspiration is 37%

More me :)

My actions and behavior are determined by my sensibility, which is 57%.My point of view and my decision-making are motivated by my inner conviction, which is 59%.My Dialogue and exchange of views with others are taken into account is 40%.My management skills is 22%.I am 21% of my leadership.My insights are 19%.My attuned to other is 18%.My intellectual is 18%.