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Curriculum Night!

Thank you so much for creating such amazing, child- centered, theme based displays. I so appreciate your many efforts. Please make sure your classroom is ready for Open House. Please make sure bulletin boards are all up, word walls are current and EVERY child has work displayed somewhere in your room. Please make sure that you have a sign in sheet for parents since we are collecting data on parent participation and involvement. Remember we only have one chance to make a great impression. Remember the importance of being positive, high energy and knowledgeable. Equally as important is conveying your love for your students and your appreciation for your parents.

Curriculum Night Locations/Support

Administrators and Specialists are assigned to one of the Curriculum Nights.

Below is the list of who will attend on what nights.


Monday, Sept. 15th: 1st (library) & 4th grade (gym)

Cortney and Muriel, Powell, Ray and Headley


Tuesday, Sept. 16th: 2nd (gym) & 5th grade (library)

Kelly and Jason, Liu and Isadore


Wednesday, Sept. 17th: K (gym) & 3rd grade (library)

Muriel and Cortney, Boughton and Ferrell

Review our Motto!

Please, oh please, talk with your students about being nice and kind to one another. Bullying and fighting will not be tolerated on any level. We are trying to seek to understand each child’s and handle each situation on an individual basis. We have to nip this in the bud now or we are in for a long year.

Leave Form

I understand the need to be off from time to time. If you know you are going to be taking personal leave, please let us know in advance so that we can make sure a quality sub is in place.

In Sympathy...

Many of you have inquired about the funeral arrangements for Marvin Caldwell. The “Celebration of Life” will be Thursday, September 18. Viewing is at noon and the funeral is at 1:00 at Raleigh North Christian Center 6021 Louisburg Rd. Raleigh, NC.

Kendra’s grandmother passed away on Saturday. Kendra will be out through Thursday.

Due Dates!

Due Monday, Sept. 15

BTs complete Self-Assessment Online

Due Thursday, Sept. 18

All certified staff should complete the Self-Assessment

Due Friday, Sept. 19

Field Trip/Special Event Plans

Emergency Sub Plans- 2 days of plans

The Week at a Glance...


· Photographer from Brazil

· Dr. Hicks from NCSU in our building around 10:00

· Visitor touring the building from 1:00-2:00

· No faculty meeting


· Kelly and Jason attend a STEM meeting from 8:00-11:30


· Muriel has a District Advisory Council Meeting 9-11:00


· Muriel has a Principal Meeting

Final Thoughts...

Thank you for recording your student absences by 8:35 each morning. Remember Mimi will take care of tardies and coding absences.

Covey Training- Securing a sub. If you have not yet secured a sub for the Covey training next week- please do so ASAP. Please let Susan know if you have any problems.

I am always in awe of how you rise to the occasion when we need you the most. Thank you for being flexible, understanding and positive when we needed your help this week.

We have our fingers crossed that they air conditioning system in the Gym will be up and running by Monday. Special thanks to Debbie who has suffered through the construction.

It is very important that we stay focused and proactive during these next few weeks. Deadlines and due dates are just part of the work we do. If we stay on top of these requirements we will not feel so overwhelmed or stressed.