crack abuse

by Beau Amundson


11:58, I was walking thru the dark. There beside me was a person. “Want to buy some cold medicine” he said. I knew it wasn't cold medicine. I have enough street smarts to know that he was talking about crack. I ran as fast as I could through the dark night. Running running, bam, turned the corner and thats when I stepped on and shattered a glass bottle. Right there and then, I knew I should have never walked out of the house!

what is crack ?

Crack is made from cocaine, baking soda, and heat. It is a freebase cocaine and is highly addictive. People named the drug crack because when someone applies heat to it it made a crackling sound. Crack became more known in the 80s. Crack is a dangerous and a horrible drug.

How is crack abused ?

Crack has been abused for decades. One sign of crack being abuse is how addicted to crack you are. Some people can't control how much crack they smoke because they're addicted. But some people are less likely to become addicted. Some people are so addicted to crack that they do so much crack that it affects their personal appearance and could look like a zombie. It's mostly abused when someone uses crack and it ends in inappropriate and naughty behaviours.

how has crack effected peoples personality's ?

Crack impacts peoples lives majorly. If people do get over an addiction those people have to practically start their lives over and make new friend and build new relationships with family members. But if people do pick up an addiction some people can't stop and may suffer the emotional damage and might start to hurt themselves and could end up committing suicide. People think that a crack addiction is only a problem for the poor and homeless. But if they did crack a couple of times most of them will pick up an addiction. According to (Graves) a common hallucination among people that do crack is a feeling that insects are crawling all over there body.

how does crack compare with other drugs ?

Crack is just like any illegal drug, its bad for you. One of the differences is how the drug is taken. Crack is smoked, cocaine is snorted, and shrooms are eaten. Another difference is how fast the drug kicks in. According to (teens health and wellness), cocaine takes about six minutes, but crack takes about twenty seconds to get to your brain. The effect of crack and cocaine are about the same. But there's one main thing that all illegal drugs have in common, Don't use them.


If someone offers you crack deny it and run away cause if you do crack it will be a wild trip. You could get hurt and could even die.


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