Pink Diamonds

The worlds most precious, rare and valuable diamond

Where are Pink Diamonds found?

Natural pink diamonds are extremely rare and valuable. About 90% of the world's pink diamonds originate from the Australian Argyle mine. Pink diamonds are occasionally found in India, Africa and Brazil but are usually lighter in colour than those found in Australia. The deeper or more intense the pink colour is, the rarer and more valuable the gem is.

The Argyle Diamond Mine

The Argyle Diamond Mine is one of the world's largest suppliers of diamonds, producing approximately 20 million carats each year from its operations in the East Kimberley region, in the remote north of Western Australia.

What are Pink Diamonds worth?

Pink Diamonds are from 10-30 times more expensive then the normal white diamond. Pink Diamonds with exceptional colour have been known to reach prices that exceed US$1 million per carat.
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The very intense pink diamond is the most valuable as it has a bolder colour and it isn't commonly found. It is edging towards a dark pink-red colour which some people would prefer over the Blush colour as that is closer to a clear-light pink colour.