Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

5 main characters

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Book Trailer


There are many characters in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. I picked 5 of the most important ones... Each one has their own unique character traits. If you didn't already know, Minli is the main character in the story, but Ma, Ba, The Monkeys, and Dragon are important too. For this project, I was assigned an essential question; Does a person need friends in order to survive? Be thinking about this as you are reading through my paragraphs.


There are many traits that describe Minli, but I know for sure that one is impulsive Minli is impulsive because she left her house without thinking of how mad Ma and Ba would be when they found out. Minli left her house to find the Old Man of the Moon that She found out about by listening to a talking goldfish! In the middle of her journey she helped a dragon that she didn’t know anything about… Now that’s pretty impulsive. Another character trait that fits Minli is compassionate. Even though Minli helping a dragon is impulsive, it is also pretty compassionate. Another way Minli is compassionate is after her whole journey, she asked Dragons question when she got to the old man of the moon which is "how can Dragon fly"? One more trait that Minli has is adventurous. Minli searched and searched for the old man of the moon and never gave up. What is so amazing about this is that she was fearless throughout the whole journey… Overall, the three main traits that describe Minli are impulsive, compassionate, and adventurous. If it weren't for her friend Dragon, she wouldn't have made it very far...

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One character trait that by far fits with Dragon is sensitive. When Dragon woke up, he found out that he had been tied up be the monkeys over night. This is when he started bawling his eyes out until Mini found him and untied him. Dragon, as well as Minli is compassionate. After Minli untied Dragon, Dragon wanted to help Minli so he carried her all the way to the old man of the moon. Minli and Dragon wanted to get to the peach trees but the monkeys were guarding them. Minli came up with a plan to get rid of the monkeys that Dragon helped her with… One more way that Dragon is compassionate is because when Dragon and Minli reached never-ending mountain, Dragon really wanted Minli to ask her question. One more character trait that Dragon has is innocent. Dragon is a dragon… But he does not want to hurt anybody. He is not aware of any of his powers and he does not know how to fly. Overall, the three traits that describe Dragon are sensitive, compassionate, and innocent. If it weren't for Minli, who Knows how long Dragon would have been tied up!

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Ma, as a character in the story, is very different than Minli and Dragon. One trait that definitely describes Ma is resentful. Ma is resentful because she doesn't want Ba to tell Minli stories. Ma doesn't want Ba to tell Minli stories because Minli decided to go on a journey in search of the old man of the moon. After Minli left, Ma believed it was Ba’s fault. Another trait that describes Ma is a non-believer because she did not think Minli was sane for going on the journey that she did… One more trait that describes Ma is careful. Ma does not have a lot of money so she does not want her family to spend theirs. To be extra careful, Ma and her family do the same thing every day. All in all, three traits that describe Ma are resentful, non-believer, and careful. In the beginning of the story, Ma did not believe in the Old Man of the Moon. When Minli returned, Ma realized that she was wrong... Minli had turned fruitless mountain into fruitful mountain.

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Ba, as Minli’s father, is very hard working. He works every day just to earn the money his family needs to survive. And believe me, the money he makes is not a lot. Ba is committed and keeps on working every day… Ba is also a dreamer. He tells Minli lots of stories, and believe it or not, this actually caused her to go on a journey looking for the old man of the moon. Ba, unlike Ma, believes in her and thinks that she will find the Old Man of the Moon. One more trait that describes Ba is kind. Ba is a go with the flow person and this helps people do things that they want to do… All in all, Ba is kind, hard-working, and is a dreamer.

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The Monkeys were a small part of the story but caused a big problem. One trait that describes the Monkeys is selfish. I mean, they tied Dragon up when he was sleeping and this is when Minli untied him… now that’s pretty selfish. Another reason that the Monkeys are considered selfish is because they were not letting Minli and Dragon into the peach trees. Another trait that describes the Monkeys is greedy. When Minli set her bowl of rice down, the monkeys immediately tried to steal it. One more trait that describes the Monkeys is un-aware. Minli came up with a plan to put a net over the bowl of rice so that when the monkeys put their hands in it, they got stuck. All in all, the three traits that describe the Monkeys are selfish, greedy, and un-aware. The Monkeys isn't just one Monkey, its many of them. If there was just one of them they wouldn't be able to do what they do best. And trust me, i'm not saying what they do is a good thing.


Concluding this project, five main characters in the story are the Monkeys, Minli, Dragon, Ma, and Ba. Each one has their own distinctive traits that fit their own personalities. In my opinion, referring to the essential question, a person does need friends in order to survive... Summing up, if you have not read this book already, I highly recommend it.