Inigo Jones

Renaissance Architect

Personal Information

Born July 15, 1573 in London, England
Spent most of his life in Denmark and Italy
Little is known of his early education
Was a very busy man " He was responsible for introducing Italian Renaissance Architecture into England" (Encyclopedia of World Biography 1)
Jones primarily drew designs for buildings like the Queens House at Greenwich, The Banqueting Hall at Whitehall, Marlborough Gate Chapel, St. Paul's Church, and Wilton House
He was mostly patronized by King Charles I, King James I, and King Christian of Denmark
Humanism and Capitalism are the most closely linked "isms" to Jones, He was paid handsomely by kings to design buildings, these buildings were not of religious design
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The Queens House at Greenwich

Construction began in 1616 and ended in 1635

A significant fact about the building is that construction of it was stopped in 1619 after the Queen it was built for died. It was later on completed with some Renaissance building features such as columns, symmetry, and interior detail

I find the way Jones designed two hallways of columns that stretch out from the house and the glass observation towers on the roof interesting

The Queens house is an example of Secularism because of the material its made of and how it doesn't relate back to the Church in its design or purpose.