Galileo Galilei

My courageous person


Galileo Galilei was a very courageous person, because he put science before faith. And did NOT care what others thought of it even though everybody doubted him. And that is why i'm dedicating this article to him.

What did he do that showed courage?

He showed courage by believing in his theory and ignoring those who doubted him.

What affect did his action have?

His actions affected history greatly because he discovered that the surface of the moon is irregular, Jupiter's four moons, the phases of Venus, the mountains of the moon and that the milky way is made up of millions stars

If it had been you what would you do the same thing? Why?

Well in a different term, then yes because I thought that believing something that everybody doubts is pretty courageous.

What would you have done differently?

I would have shown the evidence to the church first, then if they don't listen then I would have gone somewhere where people believe instead of staying there and being doubted

What can you learn or learned from what this person did?

I learned that don't give up, to always believe in something when everybody doubts when everybody thinks your crazy.

Some pictures of Galileo Galilei