food service buying group

A purchasing program is only one aspect

The Benefits of Joining a Group Buying Club

Independent restaurant, catering, and food service owners are at a disadvantage when purchasing items essential for businesses. They do not qualify for bulk buying discounts on their own. Participating in a food service buying group or restaurant buying group allows independent owners to join together and leverage the same buying power as huge chain restaurants and catering companies. Products are purchased from specific distributors and suppliers at discounted pricing. That is how a standard buying group works.

Exceeding Standards

Joining a standard group does provide savings but does not allow end user owners to realize the total benefits of the negotiated savings from the product manufacturer. The negotiating company and distributors also benefit from the rebates. That means rebates are split three ways. There is one restaurant purchasing program that provides independent owners and operators the full benefit of rebates.

This approach exceeds standards by passing rebates directly to owners because they are not tied to specific suppliers. Owners can get what is needed from any distributor and supplier with no need to switch to a specified company. The result is an average savings of seven to nine percent on overhead costs. More savings are realized when other available services and programs are utilized. This is enjoyed via service fee credit.

What Other Services?

A purchasing program is only one aspect of the restaurant business. Software and services are also offered for payroll, compliance with human resource practices, accounting, operations, and consulting. There is more to running a successful restaurant than cooking excellent food. This unique combination of education, software, training, tips, and services help independent restaurant owners prepare for the ups and downs of that first year when over fifty percent of new restaurants fail.

Once the restaurant is established, ongoing support, programs, and consulting can ensure goals are met and strategic planning for the future is completed. Wherever the business is on the journey, from not opened yet to decades in operation, solutions can be developed to meet or surpass current needs and future dreams. Expansion of the location, opening multiple locations, or trying several restaurants that specialize in different cuisine may be what owners have in mind.

Enlist Help

Beginning an investment in a new business is risky, exciting, scary, and fun all at the same time. There are anticipated glitches and some no one ever sees coming. Getting all the help possible is not only wise, it is essential. Before taking that dive off the deep end, follow here and discover support and solutions available to help with success.