Civil Engineer

By: Gil Haan

Civil Engineer Tasks

Civil Engineers design, build, supervise, operate and maintain construction projects. Civil Engineers sometimes inspect construction projects to see if the project is running smoothly. Sometimes they test building materials to see if they are stable enough for the job.

Civil Engineer Skills

Civil Engineers are very good at decision-making. Civil Engineers are also good leaders while working in groups Also, Civil Engineers are very smart in the Math subject.

Minimum Education for a Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers need a Bachelors Degree in civil engineering. Most of the Civil Engineers have Master Degrees in Math or Engineering.

Median Wages for Civil Engineers

The Median Wage for a Civil Engineer is $39.53 per hour and $82,220 per year.

Projected Job Openings

Projected job openings are expected to grow by 8% by 2024. The reason why is because so many buildings are created by Civil Engineers.
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