Huggies Diapers

Pampers VS. Huggies

Huggies Snug & Dry TV Commercial 'Baby Yoga'

Types Of Techniques Used In This Commercial

The first technique used in this commercial is Facts And Figures. Facts And Figures is an advertising technique when the manufacturers tell factual information about the product that is being sold.

I this ad, we are told that only Huggies dippers have a special type of fit, to stop leaks better. Additionally, it tells us that it has better protection than Pampers Baby Day, and a flexible fit to fit the babies better.

This commercial also uses Plain Folks. Plain Folks shows the suggestion that the product that is being sold is good for ordinary people. Additionally, it tells us that there was no acting involved.

To explain, it tells in the beginning that they asked real parents to put the dippers to the test in a super stretchy baby yoga class. This tells us that the people in the commercial are not actors, and that this has actually happened.

The last technique this commercial uses is Bandwagon. Bandwagon is when the commercial shows/tells us that if you don't have their product then you'll be left out. For example, they might show that you should have this because everyone has it, and you should also have it because, if you don't, then you'll be left out/unpopular.

To expand, it tells us the other most used brand, Pampers, does not have this type of protection, and that they should buy this, because since parents care about their children, they’ll buy it. And if you don’t buy it then you’ll be left out. Those are the type of techniques used in this commercial.