Spring Newsletter from Aspire, LLC.

Spring is a time for transistions and transformations. 2023

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Apsire, LLC. is a life coaching practice. Amy coaches adults around life transitions and teens (13-17). Aspire's newsletters aim to inform readers about life coaching practices and insights about what is coming up next for Aspire and showcase coaching offerings and opportunities.

Spring 2023 Newsletter Edition: A note from Amy

For me, Spring brings me relief from the gloomy winter. Many people suffer from the winter blues or seasonal-affect disorder. Spring is hope as I wait for sunny days, windows up in homes and down in vehicles. I crave that weather where you are warm but still do not need air conditioning. The freedom from winter jackets, boots, hats, gloves, and scarves is liberating. I welcome that liberation. Bring it on! ~Amy

Amy works with adults (18-60+) who are going through a life transition. Read here to learn the categories of life transitions.

There are four types of life transitions. They are anticipated, unanticipated, non-event, and sleepers. An anticipated transition is something you expect to happen in your adult life. Maybe you decided to go to university, change careers, get engaged, move or buy a house, or have a baby. When these transitions happen at the time you expect (or have planned for), there is a great deal to learn about how this meets and supports your needs. Sometimes, it still feels uncomfortable - as relationships adapt, as you change identity, or as your levels of freedom shift. The learning (levels of satisfaction, frustration, and stress) may also be quite different should these transitions happen when they exist outside of your expectations.

Unanticipated transitions are those you haven’t planned for and don’t factor into your life vision. Things like; redundancy, illness or accidents, or perhaps a relationship breakdown. These transitions can be exceptionally stressful and painful, more so than an anticipated transition. However, the potential for personal growth and reward can be much higher. These can be sudden, and many other emotions and challenges will likely present themselves alongside managing this transition.

Non-event transitions are the absence of an expected event- where something you expect doesn’t happen or doesn’t happen when you want it to. This could be; not getting a promotion when you had worked hard, being unable to have a child, or not getting the house you had set your heart on. Managing grief and dealing with loss (often the loss of a life you expected) can feature quite strongly within this transition.

Sleeper transitions are the ones that occur without a significant amount of awareness around them. They sneak up on you. Gradually improving your competence at work, the development of skill as a parent, the progress of learning a language, the speed of your 5k run. They can also appear negatively - like the slipping away of a friendship or relationship or becoming demotivated at work.

These four types of life transitions can be emotionally charged. And bring on overwhelming difficulties and challenges that make people, at times, feel "stuck." This is why one of the most prominent niches’ of coaching work is based on transitions work. Change is hard.

Being self-aware and attuned to your reactions and responses to changes is powerful. Ask yourself, "am I reacting to a life transition or responding to one?" When you are self-aware or working on a higher conscious level you will be able to see opportunities and choices that come with changes. Becoming self-aware is not as easy as it may sound, and that is why people now hire life coaches to help navigate these life transitions.

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TEENS (13-17)

Amy also works with teenagers ages 13-17. Amy uses a simple structure when working with teens. She knows all teens want to be listened to, acknowledged, and validated. Amy listens with purpose and generates questions that cause them to pause and think. The questions will show that she is genuinely listening to them. Amy holds space for the teen to process or vent if needed. Building a trusting relationship and making a connection is what is needed for successful and productive sessions. She works with their agenda. They drive the car, and Amy follows their lead.

She works with teens on self-awareness, confidence, self-advocacy, feelings of self-worth, how they feel the world perceives them, how they perceive the world and their place in it, self-judgment, and all things social and emotional that could be impacting how they move forward in their life.

Understand that coaching is not therapeutic, nor is it counseling. Coaching works within the present and helps the teen move forward to where they want to be socially and emotionally. It often morphs into goal setting with accountability.

Coaching will only work if your teen is curious about coaching or wants to participate in coaching. Amy doesn't work with teens who are not invested in doing any work.

Sign up for a 30-minute discovery session at no cost or obligation. Amy would love to meet with you and your teen. https://app.paperbell.com/checkout/packages/35371 (click here to schedule)

Also, go to the website to learn more. http://www.aspireself.com

What is new for Aspire, LLC.?

An In-person Event Coming up on April 28th:

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Conscious Energy Coaching for the Curious

Friday, April 28th, 7-8:30pm

65 Bank Street

New Milford, CT

This workshop is an in-person event held at Evolve Yoga Studio in New Milford, Connecticut. This is open to anyone curious about coaching services. Amy of Aspire, LLC., a certified professional transitions life coach, will share the ins and outs of life coaching and its benefits with participants. She will share what life coaching is not, and about credentials one should look for when hiring a life coach. Amy will also discuss how she practices and teaches Core Energy work in her coaching practice. This is NOT a sales pitch workshop- it is to provide awareness to those unsure about coaching services. There are many types of life coaches, and Amy from Apsire does not coach in all niches', and some people may be seeking specific coaching niches. Amy can provide recommendations to various coaches, not in the work of transitions.

Please click on this link to register for this event. Come dressed comfortably, as we may be seated on bolsters from the studio. https://theevolvemindset.yoga/events/ The cost is only $25 per participant.

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Amy Jacques, MS. Ed., CPC, ELI-MP, CLDS, CTDS

Aspire, LLC., is a client-centered transitions coaching practice for teens (13-17) and for adults (18-60+). Amy is a certified professional coach and a certified school counselor with the state of Connecticut. Aspire, LLC. uses the Energy Leadership Index assessment to get a picture of clients' energy levels and how they use their levels to show up in life. It is an amazingly accurate assessment tool that provides new data to clients that will expand their self-awareness tool. Aspire works with clients in-person and virtually. Virtual seems like a new favorite, even for folks living close by, and coaching can be done effectively in this venue. Aspire, LLC. is an all-inclusive safe space.

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