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Southwest Schools - Archway Academy

Teacher Shawn Ceppi (Y/B) wrote: "At Archway Academy we frequently incorporate E-Colors activities in our lesson plans. Here are some pictures of students engaging in the 'Listen UP' activity. One student draws a card about a controversial issue and has to speak his or her opinion on it for 3 minutes. The listener is not allowed to speak at all during this 3-minute period. Then, the listener must summarize what the speaker said."

Ms. Ceppi added, "It was enlightening to observe the different E-Colors working together, especially the Reds and Yellows. For instance, one pair of students, who were red/yellow and yellow/blue, observed how difficult it was for the yellow/blue to keep from interrupting the red/yellow during their speech. In turn, the red/yellow summarized very quickly and spoke less during his partner's speech."

E-Colors and Personal Intervention are a process. E-Colors gives an individual the opportunity to identify triggers and learn techniques to help manage behaviors

that can prevent us from realizing our potential as individuals and as a classmate. Personal Intervention provides practical applications for making conscious

decisions, based on managing and leveraging the knowledge of reaction versus response.

rgVision Magazine to Feature E-Colors in Education

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E-Colors in Education will be featured in the upcoming March/April 2016 issue of rgVision magazine. rgVision focuses on four areas: Life, Business, Health & Education. The magazine is distributed to all of the 37 school districts in Region I and prints 12000 copies for distribution. We look forward to expanding our vision of bringing E-Colors in Education to every school in Rio Grande Valley.

Spring Leadership Institute in Houston :: Feb. 23-24, 2016

Thank you Holmquist Elementary for hosting this event at your campus. Online Registration is open: http://www.ecolorsineducation.com/Training-Coaching.html

Thank you, Liestman Elementary for registering your team of six.

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Mission & Vision

Mission: E-Colors in Education is a public charity that is dedicated to delivering valuable, authentic and mindful coaching, as well as personal and professional development to every school in every nation.

Vision: Positively influencing every student, parent, educator and collaborator to become effective communicators, intentional leaders and caring citizens