4th Grade News

Mrs. Korb, Mrs. Lockhart, and Mrs. Wells


This week during reading, we read the leveled readers that go along with our story. These are chosen specifically for your child's reading level and are meant to be used to increase fluency and independent comprehension. The students took an AR test over their book yesterday, so please make sure to ask your child how they did. We also worked on compound sentences and how to identify and write them and improving our editing skills by finding and correcting sentences. Next week, we will read the story The Horned Toad Prince which is about a cowgirl named Reba Jo who gets herself into quite the predicament with a horned toad. The kids will LOVE this story! AR goals are due on October 16, so please check on your child's progress.

We continue our work with learning different strategies to use when multiplying. Please encourage your child to practice using these strategies when doing their math homework. Don't worry, next week we will be learning how to multiply using the "traditional" way that we learned as kids. Hang in there, parents! We know this has been challenging. It was for us, too, the first year we taught these strategies. The students will be tested over their multiplication facts 0-12 before Thanksgiving break. This test is 144 points, which is the equivalent of 14, ten point assignments. Please start working with your child, now, on practicing and mastering of those facts.

We've completed our second chapter in our social studies book. The students worked with a partner to read lessons 3, 4, and 5 and answer the questions and take the online quiz, all on the computer! They did a great job of working together and being accountable for their learning. This is a skill we will continue to practice throughout the year. We also completed Our Really Exciting Online project (OREO). We had a licking competition to see who could "clean" the filling off of their Oreo the fastest and our top time was 1 minute 5 seconds while our longest time was 7 minutes 43 seconds. We also learned about force and motion with a rolling experiment and found out how high we could stack our Oreos. Thanks so much to Heather Starr, Dana Boyer, Hanni Stones, and Lisa Frisbie for providing the Oreos. The kids have really loved this project!

Work Habits/Study Skills

One of the hardest things about going back to school is getting back into school habits. Just a few reminders about expectations:

1. Complete highlighted work in planner each night and have it checked for accuracy before bringing it back to school.

2. Turn in assignments on time.

3. Follow directions

Please look at your child's work each night. We are beginning to have a lot of missing or incorrect work and new learning can't occur until previous learning opportunities have been completed. Also, I've had to do a lot of repeating of directions and answering questions that have been already been answered. Please talk to your child about listening and following the directions the first time given. It is taking too much of our learning time to have to repeat directions and answers and that is taking away from our practice opportunities.

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 16- End of 1st 9 weeks. AR goals due

Wednesday, October 21- No School- Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:30

Tuesday, October 27- Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:30

Friday, October 31- Halloween Party 1:45

Halloween Parade 2:45