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The salt used in fertilizer called Phospate

Phosphate is a mineral salt used in fertilizers. It is used all around the world but mostly the African area. Today, phosphates are a nutrient vital to human, animal, and plant life. It relies to this chapter because they grow a lot of crops in the Africa area and they ha entourage use Phospate to give the p,ants the minerals they need to grow.

The sand dune called the erg

Erg is a huge area of shifting sand dunes in the sahara desert. The highest dunes can reach up to 150m! The sight of that is bound to take your breath away. It relates to this chapter because a sand dune or erg is only in desert-like places. Amd in this chapter the country's are mostly desert.

The dry riverbed Known as the wadi

Wadi is a dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare downpours, it often causes an oasis. It is very sharply defined, so you will know it's a wadi when you see one. It relates to this chapter because a wadi is mainly in the desert area, and the country's we are learning about are mostly desert areas.

The Seperating Seuz Canal

The Seuz canal was human-made, and it separates the Sinai peninsula from the rest of Egypt. The Seuz canal is still one of the most important water ways in Egypt.

The Controlling Aswan desert

The Aswan desert gives people control of floods, and stores water for months at a time.

Some problems with the Aswan desert are, it blocks the flow of silt and prevents less freshwater.

The Great and Holy City of Israel

The climate is hot, dry summers with mild winters, and the main crops there are citrus fruits. The country has 6.7 million people, and today the country is a Democratic Republic. 90% of the people live in urban areas.
エジプト アスワンの砂漠 (Aswan desert)
Timelapse of sailing down the Suez Canal