Reforming the 1800s

Angelique Taylor

Mental Health Reform/ Prison Reform

Doretha Dix knew something was wrong with the prisons in America, but no one believed her. So when she went and toured the country making a list of everything that is wrong to prove that our inmates weren't being treated fairly. She knew the only way to make it better was to take a stand and that's just what she did. In 1849 she opened the first mental institute to seperate our prisoners and those with a mental handicap
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Do you want a nice healthy family? Do you want your family to make it through another day without worrying about if your going to eat or not? Do you know someone who is abusive or is being abused because of alcohol? If so than you should understand and know that alcohol has been linked to sickness, poverty, and the breakup of many families. Don't let your family fall victim to this horrible evil. Make sure to join the Temperance movement of America. We'll help you if you are getting abused. Join with the many American woman standing up to alcohol in households and taverns.
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Educational Reform

Why was the education reform started? Maybe it has something to do with people not getting the proper education that they should have. you could say it has something to do with how teachers haven't studied what their teaching. Many Americans go to public schools but many of them are not getting the proper teaching they need.
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Woman's Rights

WOMAN! WE are tired of having to wait on men to do everything for us. We want to be able to do things for ourselves. We want to be able to work and provide for our families. Why do we need to rely on men to do everything when we can do it just as good. We all met at Seneca falls to prove a point to men. That we don't need them taking care of us. We are aren't some flower that puts on a show for you. We are women who should have the right to work and the right to own land. Because when our men die you are signing our death warrants since we can't do anything.
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We started the Temperance reform because Turner's rebellion helped open our eyes. It helped us see how horrible slavery is and why it should not be apart of this here United states. Our leaders William Lloyd Garrison(anti-slavery newspaper ) and Frederick Douglass(former slave and ant-slavery newspaper writer for the North-star both have a dream that one say slaves and white men will get along and live for one another not against. "The white man's happiness cannot be purchased by the black man's misery."-Fredrick Douglass. If you can sit there and watch another human get beaten and treated like garbage than you are no better than the one who i beating them. Why follow the crowed when all their doing is hurting others when you can act against it and save so many people by just saying no.
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