School Factions

Join one of the fabulous factions at Morden High school

The factions

At Morden Primary School, there are 5 factions. Unlike other schools, there is one unique faction specifically for the teachers. Tori, Nanger, Morden, Burdry are the factions for students and the faction for teachers is named Cook.

Sports Carnival

At the Sports Carnival, teachers will verse the students. Teachers will not get faction points but they will compete in the events. Who will win?

Some of our factions

Guaranteed to make education FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you score faction points? In general, you score faction points by doing good things. A faction point at Morden High school is unique though. Oncen you win a point, a teacher is notified and they drop a drop of water into large vials. Each faction has different vials and they each have different coloured water. At the end of the year, a teacher checks which jar has the most water. Obviously, the one with the most water is the winner.