Birth Control Methods

Birth Control Pills

-Oral contraceptive

-92-99.2% effective if used properly

-Taken by mouth daily

-Protects against pregnancies

-Allows spontaneity, low chances of getting pregnant, period is regulated

-Doesn't protect against STIs, possibility of small complications, needs to be taken at same time everyday

Male Condoms

-Thin material that covers penis

-85% effective if used properly

-Put over penis during intercourse

-Protects against pregnancies and STIs

-Can prevent STIs, inexpensive, doesn't affect future fertility, doesn't require prescription

-May break during use, can't be applied in advance, can interrupt intercourse, latex may cause allergic reactions


-Practice of not having sex

-100% effective

-No opportunity of fertilization

-Protects against pregnancy and STIs

-Free, 100% effective, no medical or hormonal side effects, protects from STIs and HIV

-Both partners must be committed to no intercourse, might not have alternative birth control if in 'heat of the moment'

Fertility Awareness

-Track ovulation

-91-99% effective

-Prevents pregnancy by no intercourse during ovulation

-Protects against pregnancy

-No side effects, free, no devices, medications or prescriptions

-Doesn't protect against STIs, requires commitment, motivation and cooperation, needs consistent and accurate record keeping, can be difficult for women with irregular cycles


-Removal of penis before ejaculation

-Only 73% effective

-Prevents sperm from coming in contact with egg

-Protects against pregnancy

-Can be used when other methods unavailable, free

-Doesn't protect against STIs, requires self-control and trust, sperm can still enter


-Contraceptive Injection

-97% effective

-Needle given every 12 weeks

-Protects against pregnancy

-Convenient, effective immediately, can be used by women who smoke, breastfeed or over 35, may reduce risk of endometrial cancer

-Might affect bone density, doesn't protect against STIs, may cause irregular periods, may cause weight gain or mood swings, can't stop side effects, may take two years from last needle to get pregnant