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Scenes from Around the City on Institute Day

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The Tuscaloosa City Schools opened the school year for more than 1,500 employees with its annual Institute Day event. This year's Institute was unlike any before with the event happening simultaneously in 22 locations across the city.

Keynote speaker Tara Brown, known as The Connection Coach, came to town to "sling some dopamine" to TCS educators as they begin the new school year. Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria offered a charge for the school year that the mark of the Tuscaloosa City Schools should be that every student engages and exits enrolled, enlisted or employed when they graduate.

Need some dopamine?

Re-live keynote speaker Tara Brown's speech! Click the link and download the video to your computer to watch! (The video is only available to TCS employees through their Google accounts.)

You can also view other videos from today's Institute Day presentation can be viewed by clicking here where you can learn more about:

  • Alabama Power Company's Electric Academy
  • The University of Alabama Onlineā€™s College of Education program offerings
  • The United Way's annual giving campaign

Laying the Foundation

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a priority for the 2021-2022 school year for both adults and students. We have three areas of focus to lay the foundation of social-emotional learning this year.

First, we will use daily check-ins with staff and students to take the emotional temperature of the classroom and school while allowing an opportunity to self-regulate before starting academics. Second, we will establish a common social-emotional language to name and identify feelings using Zones of Regulation. Last, but not least, we will build relationships using trauma-sensitive practices to create a safe and supportive learning environment.

This work isn't one more thing on our plate, but is embedded into our district and school culture.

Employee Orientation

All employees are required to participate in Employee Orientation. The course is now available in Canvas. Use your single sign-on credentials to log in to participate before the September 3 deadline.

Do You Hear Me Now?

Virtual instruction and pandemic teaching underscored the importance of students understanding what teachers say. TCS has invested in Lightspeed Technologies audio enhancement systems to support great classroom instruction. Using the microphone and speakers helps teachers by supporting the teacher's voice to avoid strain. Using the system supports students by improving the clarity of speech and other sounds. Every teacher should use the audio enhancements!

Getting Started with Audio Enhancements

Check out this helpful getting started guide!

Schoology is the Online Home for School!

The TCS Tights detail how educators should begin their planning of instruction for the new school year. All teachers will create rigorous and equitable opportunities for students to own their learning by utilizing the TCS Elements of Personalized Learning. Additionally, all teachers will engage in planning and implementing instruction that facilitates student mastery with effective integration of digital practice.

This includes:

  • Use physical and digital technology resources daily and effectively.
  • Use the Schoology learning management system daily and effectively
  • Provide intentional support for growth in digital literacy.
  • Provide ongoing evidence of student learning.

ADPH Releases Updated Toolkit

This week, the Alabama Department of Public Health released the latest edition of its toolkit for schools. The revision represents the updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.

Our school nurses and administrators are currently reviewing the toolkit to understand best how to use the guidance to ensure a safe learning and working environment for all. Your school nurse and building leader will provide more information on how TCS will implement the toolkit in the coming days.

PPE Available

As you ready your classroom for students, know that TCS has you covered! The school system has personal protective equipment available (PPE) for schools. Whether it is masks, face shields, or other PPE, items can be made available to you.

These items are provided to help ensure safe working conditions for you and are available. Please let your principal know of your needs to request items on behalf of your entire school.

Join the Sick Leave Bank

Unforeseen circumstances happen which can take you away from work as you deal with personal or family illness. The Tuscaloosa City Schools offers a sick leave bank during a time of need for an employee. As a participant in the sick leave bank, you can borrow leave days if all your leave days have been exhausted.

Participating employees shall make an equal contribution of two days to join the sick leave bank. After the initial contribution, no additional contribution shall be required.

If an employee wishes to join, complete the attached form and send it to Lynne Wright in the Human Resource Department to authorize the removal of two days for placement in the sick leave bank. Have questions on the sick leave bank? Contact Lynne Wright at lwright@tusc.k12.al.us.

Presently, about 1,100 TCS employees are members of the sick leave bank.


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