Greek and Roman

By Zoe

Greek and Roman Contributions

The Greeks made pottery, which depicted every day life. They used lots of columns in their architecture and they had three kinds: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Greeks advanced in the fields of Astronomy, Medicine, and Geometry. First Olympics ever was held by the Greeks for the god, Zeus. Theater was a common past time and Greece. There were two types: Comedy and Tragedy. Philosophers were also common in Ancient Greece.
The Romans created twelve tablets with laws for all to see. Many Roman principles are the basis of many European countries. The Romans spoke Latin which is the basis of many languages today. Christianity is a major religion today and was spread by the Romans. Women were given more rights in the Roman Empire. The Romans were the creators of aqueducts. The Romans had a republican government, which is what the US constitution is based on.

Greek and Roman Government

The Greeks had hundreds of independent city-states, which had their own governments and acted as their own countries. The Romans had a republican government which gave citizens the right to vote. The Romans also had a: Monarchy, Democracy, and Aristocracy.