Mrs. Stasney's 3rd Grade Class

Wednesday, October 10th

Trying Something New!

I'm trying something new with this newsletter! I've never sent home a weekly newsletter, but I've been wanting to increase my communication with all of you, so I'm giving it a go! I am looking for any and all constructive feedback! Do you love it? Hate it? Have suggestions for making it better? Please email me!

Upcoming Events

-Math CUA on Friday, 10/12, on MONEY

-1st Six Weeks Awards Assembly on Friday, 10/12, from 9:00-9:45 am in the Paw Restaurant

-PTO meeting on Thursday, 10/18, at 6:00 pm

-Science test on Wednesday, 10/24, on EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN

-50s Day on Friday, 10/26! Students are encouraged to wear 50s attire (rolled jeans, slicked hair, poodle skirts, pony tails, etc). They will be participating in 50s-themed activities during specials that day!


I know many of you have been wondering when we will start spelling....

The students have been working on high frequency words during our Word Word station, so we have had some spelling practice...just not in HW or as a weekly test. Thus far, I have been focused on implementing literacy stations and math stations in our class. I am new to teaching reading/language arts and math through the use of stations, so there has been a huge learning process I've been working through!

With our station routines pretty much established, my next mission is to implement Words Their Way, an individualized spelling program I want to use to drive the students' spelling practice. The students have all completed a spelling inventory, and I have divided them into groups based upon their developmental spelling levels. I will be working this week on figuring out exactly what this program will look like in our classroom as well as when it comes home for HW. It is my goal to start spelling HW next week! We shall see....

Thanks for your patience as the students and I learn this new program together!