PCHC Spotlight

February 2014

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Reminders, News and Events:

  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools will close two hours early Wednesday, February 12. We will pick your child up from school and have some fun activities for him/her.
  • PCHC will be open on Monday, February 17, President’s Day. Anne Arundel County Public Schools are closed. This will be a drop-in day for school-agers.
  • SUMMER CAMP - Remember to sign up for summer care! Please visit the office for details.

  • Please make sure your contact information is updated with the office. It is important that we have cell phone information and email addresses when the center closes early or opens late due to weather.

Happy Birthday!

  • 3 – Peter Marcic
  • 15 – Rylee Cullum
  • 19 – Kayla Cullum

Classroom Updates


Love is in the air this month as the Infant Room has the theme – “The Things We Love…” Each week we will have different topics of things we love, such as family, toys, food, and friends. With each new week we will have new songs, stories, and activities to help us recognize what we love and enjoy the most. We will learn new songs, such as “You’ve Got a Friend,” and “Apples and Bananas.” We will also learn new rhymes like “Family Music” and “Ride a Little Horse.” The infants will explore their senses with aluminum foil ball play and by making Valentine’s Day cards. We hope everyone has a love-filled month! - Miss Dar and Miss Allison


For the month of February we will teach children all about love and the meaning of love. The shape of the month will be a heart and the color is pink. We will show the children that caring is a part of love and it is ok to show your feelings to your family and friends. The new words for the month are love, pink, heart, hug and the letter is V. Miss Whitney and Ms. Bertanny will teach the children the signs for love and the letter V. We will have a Valentine’s Day party for the children and they will give out Valentine's Day cards to their friends in the classroom. - Miss Bertanny and Miss Whitney


Welcome to the wonderful month of February. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is a feeling of love in the air. We will have our annual party on Valentine’s Day.

Our theme for this month is “What’s in Your Town.” We will focus on all people, places and things that are in our town. Starting in week #1 we will learn about the “places where we buy things.” We will touch money and learn about stores. We will have a field trip to the grocery store where your child will be able to learn the process of buying an item first hand. You will receive more details about the trip. During week #2, we will learn about “places we visit: banks, parks, etc.” In week #3 we will turn our focus from places to people and learn about people who keep us safe. We will make our own police badges and put out “pretend” fires.

During the last week of February we will learn about “people who help us.” We will make fun crafts using gauze and band-aids as we learn about caring for one another and we pretend to be doctors. We are so excited to start this month, so let the love begin. Miss Ashley and Miss Brendalee


We are moving into the sweet month of February. We will have our Valentine’s Day party on Friday, February 14 at 3:30 pm. A sign-up sheet will be posted at the front of the classroom. I will send home a class list if you would like to send in Valentine’s cards for your child to give out.

This month we will have lots of fun activities planned for the letters “S” and “T.” We will do a science week with cold water/warm water and hard-soft experiments. We will also have transportation week, where we will make tire track art, play red light green light and build ramps at different heights to see which ones are faster. We are also going to start learning how to spell and write our last names. Miss Mandi and Miss Tiffanie


Welcome to the fantastic month of February! We have a lot of wonderful Valentine’s Day activities planned. We will have a Valentine’s Day Party on the 14th. I will send a class list home to help you prepare cards with your child if you wish to do so. We will focus on the letter Rr and we will be exploring the concept of density as we create a rainbow in a cup.

Just a reminder: when weather permits, we will still try to venture outside daily. Please remind your child to dress accordingly. Coats, hats and gloves are recommended. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. – Miss Alicia

School Age - Homework Center

Welcome to the lovely month of February. Please note schools will have two-hour early dismissal on February 12. We will pick your child up early and bring them to the center for some extra fun activities. Schools will be closed on February 17 in observance of President’s Day. We have had such fun during the month of January with the extra time we had together (snow days, early dismissals, and closings, oh my!)

Miss Amber will continue to make sure we have a great morning and send us off to school for a great day! Miss Tiffanie will continue to help our students with their homework. We are still in the process of interviewing for a lead teacher for the School Age room. We want to make sure we continue to prepare our children for success by surrounding them with patient and knowledgeable teachers.

Staff Spotlight On: Ashley Burlock

This month we are highlighting Miss Ashley, our two-year-old teacher.

Why I Teach: “I teach because I love the feeling of making a difference in my kids’ lives. The bond that I form with my students is more important to me than I can explain. The children are wonderful and learning new things every day!”

Miss Ashley grew up in Pasadena and has been teaching for four years. She has been with PCHC for two years! She loves working with our two-year-olds and does a marvelous job with potty training! She plans so many wonderful activities for her children.

Miss Ashley is very creative and loves to plan art activities for her children. They take part in many movement activities to build gross and fine motor skills. Miss Ashley provides opportunities to count, explore shapes and patterns, and group objects to build math skills. She introduces the alphabet and provides time to rhyme and play with sounds (pre-reading skills). Our two-year-olds are very fortunate to be in Miss Ashley’s class. Please stop by and take a look at what they have been working on.

On Target Award

Every month, PCHC awards staff members for going above and beyond to make PCHC a great place for children and employees. In January, Miss Mandi and Miss Allison were awarded with On Target Awards and Gift Cards. Thank you for all you do!

Parent's Corner

Social and Emotional Development

Pasadena Child Care and Homework Center uses The Creative Curriculum, a curriculum which is a Maryland State Department of Education approved program. It is a very rich program that encompasses all the domains of learning: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. We will highlight one domain of learning each month for the next few months. This month we will focus on the area of Social and Emotional Development.

Social Emotional Development

Research shows that Social Emotional skills are the greatest predictor of school success (Raver, 2002). Social and behavioral competence in young children predicts their academic performance in the first grade over and above their cognitive skills and family backgrounds.

Academic readiness includes the pro-social skills that are essential to school success. Research has demonstrated the link between social competence and positive intellectual outcomes. (Zins et al., 2004).

“Learning is a social process”

Social skills that have been identified as essential for academic success include:

· Getting along with others (parents, teachers, and peers)

· Following directions

· Identifying and regulating one’s emotions and behavior

· Thinking of appropriate solutions to conflict

· Persisting on task

· Engaging in social conversations and cooperative play

· Correctly interpreting other’s behavior and emotions

· Feeling good about self and others

It is crucial that early childhood education professionals know how to integrate social/emotional learning with literacy, language, and other areas of the curriculum. The Creative Curriculum has established goals and objectives integrating social and emotional learning into daily routines and lessons in three areas: Sense of Self, Responsibility for Self and Others, and Pro-social Behavior. These goals and objectives are woven throughout the themes and lessons we use in our classrooms. Social and emotional development is fostered by caring adults, predictable routines and transitions, and learning and practicing appropriate responses to social situations.

All of the teachers at PCHC will be completing SEFEL training through a partnership between the Maryland State Department of Education and the University of Maryland. (SEFEL = Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning.) We are committed to providing the very best teachers and curriculum to help our children develop the skills that will help them develop into life-long learners.

We also strive to serve as a resource to our parents to develop a strong core team of loving adults to care for and guide our children. We would like to share a wonderful resource with you. The following website has a wealth of information and resources for parents of young children:


As always, if you have any questions or if you would like more information on Social/Emotional Development in young children, please let us know. Thank you for entrusting your precious little ones with PCHC.