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Monday February 8th 2016

Principal's Message

Good Morning Panthers!

Don't forget to prepair for our professional development this Monday afternoon as we engage in discussions relevant to our campus. To prepair please follow the following three steps:
1. Read the article "Study finds supervision in the hallways is effective for preventing tardiness"
Study Finds Supervision in the Hallways is Effective for Preventing Tardiness.
2. Go to Today's Meet using the link below and post 2-3 level 2 Costa's questions based on the article.
Today's Meet - Costa's Questions
3. Come read to discuss and share ideas Monday afternoon at 4:00pm

We also have our Stockard Elective's showcase assemblies Tuesday February 9th for our feder elementary schools and the evening showcase Wednesday February 10th. Please support our elective teachers Tuesday and Wednesday as their students prefom and highlight the wonderful programs we have here at Stockard!

Have a fantastic week!

Shout Outs

-Thank you to Mr. Myrben who volunteered to teach a class during his planning time when we were short a substitute! Thank you for your dedication and willingness to help out!

-Shout out to Ms. Fulbright who was the FIRST to start her TELPAS Basic Training! Way to be on top of it!

-Shout out to Ms. Holman who always makes morning intake fun for the staff and kids! She always brings music to play as we start the day!

-High Paw to Ms. C. Smith & Ms. Rothermel for helping at intake this week.

-High Paw to Ms. Weems for holding students accountable for keeping our school clean!

-Kudos to the PBLT- the Voice- for creating a plan that will reward teachers on a weekly basis for their hard work, starting Monday.

Weekly Classroom Management Tips

Enforcing the Rules

Don't Sweat the Little Things
If you seem to spend a lot of time enforcing rules in your classroom, could it be that you have too many rules? Give some thought to the things that really matter -- the rules for which the benefits are at least equal in value to the hassle of enforcement. By reducing the number of classroom rules in that way, you might find that more time is freed up for instruction.

I Think, Therefore
What are your class rules? If a student breaks one of the rules, provide that student with a copy of a Reflection/ Think Sheet. Have the student write his or her name on the Think Sheet, check off the rule that was broken, and reflect on the behavior by responding to questions on the Think Sheet. Those questions might include
--- What did you do to break the rule?
--- How did your behavior affect the class?
--- What do you need to do differently in the future?
--- What do you think your consequence should be?
At the end of the class period, meet with the student who had to fill out a Think Sheet to discuss his or her responses to the questions. Hold on to students Think Sheets because if you end up having to involve the principal or parents in solving a students behavior problems, you will have the sheets to demonstrate a pattern of disrespect for classroom rules.

A Postcard from Siberia
If a student cannot obey a classroom rule, send that student to Siberia! Siberia is the name one teacher has given to the isolation chair students are sent to when they break a rule. While in the chair, the student must write a postcard to his or her parents explaining what rule he or she broke to be sent to Siberia.

Article by Linda Starr


Teachers, it is an expectation that ALL classes are escorted to the cafeteria each day. Please line your students up and walk them all the way to the cafeteria door before you leave each day.

Thank you to 8th grade teachers who have faithfully ensured all 8th graders make it to the cafeteria!

Comments, Questions and/or Concerns

Please remember that we have a Comments/Questions/Concerns box on the biometric clock in the main office. We welcome your suggestions and we want to know what questions or concerns you have. We will empty the box each Friday and provide answers to what we receive during Professional Development each Monday.


If you need to complete the TELPAS Basic Training the code is: training2016
Basic Training must be completed by Monday, February 15th. Once you have completed your basic training please send a copy of your certificate to Mrs. DeKoch ( or Mrs. Heathcote (
We will do the Callibration on Tuesday, February 16th, in the cafeteria after school. Please bring your laptop with a full charge and head phones/earbuds.

ACP Spring Film Festival

Sign up for the ACP Spring Viewings

-- Stockard Showcase --

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If kids come to us from strong, healthy functioning families, it makes our job easier. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job more important.

-Barbara Colorose

As we all get into formation to ensure our students will be successful on STAAR, CIC's will model and co- teach as you begin to pull small groups of students. Planned small group instruction allows teachers to better monitor progress of their tier 2 and 3 students. Use your data tracker to form small groups to meet with 2 -3 times per week.


1. Students can work independently or in mixed ability level groups as you meet with small groups of students.

2. You can pull students based on DOL mastery, CA scores, informal observations, and any other student artifact that demonstrate a group of students did not master the TEK. 3. Set clear expectations for how the classroom looks, sounds, and how students are to ask for help when you are meeting with your small groups.

4.The more your incorporate small group instruction into your regular routine the more smoothly it runs.

THE AVID One Pager- (An assignment that could be completed as you pull small groups!)


Saturday, Feb. 20th, 8am

9339 S Polk St

Dallas, TX

Content Area

Session Number

Math (Grades 6-8)


Reading (Grades 6-8)


Personal Narrative Writing (Grade 7)


Science (Grade 8)


Social Studies (Grade 8)


RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Upcoming Events:

Stockard Elective Showcase! February 9th and 10th

AVID Teacher Recommendations Due-February 13, 2016

AVID Student completed applications due-February 22, 2016

AVID Interviews-February 23-29, 2016

Leap Into AVID Fair-February 29, 2016