ASL 1 Spring 2015 The last 9 weeks

What we'll be learning.

What's next in ASL?

  • To expand ASL skills and topics of conversation
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the continuum between ASL and English
  • To demonstrate an understanding of topic-comment structure
  • To incorporate numbers into conversation
  • To become familiar with the types of ASL name signs and how they come to be
  • To use possessive signs and deixis appropriately
  • To sign about favorites

Watch this video about Topic Comment

Topic-Comment Structure in ASL

Think about the facial grammar that's involved with Topic Comment

Non-Manual Markers for Topic Comment

The topic (with or without) phrase:

raise eyebrows, tilt head & pause on the last sign

The comment phrase:

adjust eyebrows, head head tilt, eye-gaze for statement, question, etc.

So what do you need to remember about using Topic-Comment structure?

· Raise eyebrows and tilt your head slightly forward when signing the topic.

· Hold the last sign of the topic a little longer than the other signs.

· Pause slightly between signing the topic and the comment.

· When the comment is signed; revert to neutral signing posture and facial expression.

Now try out what you've learned.

Access the quiz on Edmodo and type in the Topic-Comment gloss of the English sentences.