Glenview Library

January Newsletter

Library Happenings

Ancient Greece & Rome Research Project

Mrs. Murphy's 6th grade students came to the library and used books, websites, and databases to find information on various different topics related to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (architecture, mythology, government). They used note cards to organize their information and take citation notes. Once they gathered their information, they created final products using Web 2.0 tools like Prezi and Animoto.

Civil War Study

Dr. Egemonye's 8th grade social studies class came to the library to view and read material on the Civil War. Students responded to both the visual and textual information to make inferences and conclusions about different aspects of the war. Students also evaluated each of the sources they used.

QR Codes for Review

Mrs. Thompson's 6th grade students came to the library and used QR codes to complete a semester review. QR codes were located around the library, and when students used their devices to scan them, they linked up with different review questions. They used prior knowledge and their textbook to answer the questions.


I spent a lot of time with reading classes booktalking specific books and showing them some book trailers this month. It's amazing what that little bit of promotion can do to get students exciting about reading. Ms. Stinedurf's classes were required to check out a book for this marking period's independent reading project, so we really spent a lot of time making sure students picked out books that were interesting to them. Mrs. Jones and Mr. Ayer also brought their classes in for booktalks and the kids were literally running up to the front to be the first to get the books they wanted. I'm excited to hear how they like them when they come in again.


Class and Individual Student Visits

82 classes visited the library this month! There were 44 classes that came in for circulation, and 38 that came in for some type of research or reading promotion activity. According to the sign in sheet, 945 students visited the library on their own during January.