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New and improved 2000


The new and improved jeep 2000 is the safest yet!. the use laws provides your safety is well considered With features such shatter proof glass brake systems, airbags and seat belts which have all been created using newtons laws.

Why should you buy the new jeep 2000

Why should you buy this new jeep? Well the new jeep has been reviewed and inspected by the only experts of motion, we've managed to include as many expert safety features as possible to keep you and any passengers safer then ever!

Our new brake system!

With the help of our many scientists we have managed to create a brake system which has recognised Newtons Laws Of Motion , meaning you can have a safe drive without having to worry about a thing!


Our new and improved seat belts make driving safe!, driving with inertia? yes its a thing and we've made it come true! our new seat belts are safe and stable elastic seat belts they are comfortable for everyone.

We care about our passengers!

Our new jeep 2000 has new and improved air bags which help withe inertia experienced by most car drivers and passengers. these air bags help in the case of a sudden stop or push forward to not push forward or push back anyone in the car.

Head restraints.

We've all experienced those sudden stops when driving, now you stop or start and not have your head pulled in a direction which it shouldn't be,our head restraints help keep your head very safe!

Shatter proof glass.

Ever been in accident? ever head you glass smash on you? NOT NO MORE!, with the new jeep 2000 if your ever in accident we have made sure that your safety has come first, we don't want your glass smashing on you if you've just been in accident so we have created shatter proof glass.

Directon indicators

Our new blinkers are both noticeable during the day and night as well as being stylish. other vehicles will always know which direction you intend to travel, meaning no serious injury's or accidents will occur!
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Buy now!

You can miss the new and improved safety measures of our jeep 2000 its been inspected approved by the best of our scientists, its also been reviewed by the best of our law of motions. now there's nothing stopping you from buying the new jeep 2000, so what are you waiting for?