thermal imaging

who invented it? what do you use it for? how dose it work?

who and when invented thermal imaging?

In the late 1950s and early 1960s by the US military the website would not specify who exactly invented it. The new technology was used by the us military but more specifically in the big aircrafts it used.

what is it used for?

Thermal imaging is used for many different things and by many different people,it started out as a tool for the us military scaning for the enemy in the dark and non visible conditions but has evolved to a tool used by hunters to scout out dear or other animals that they are hunting in the night, so in theory there are infanant uses for thermal imaging.

how does it work?

a special lense focuses in on the thermal rays things admit then the focused light is scande by a phased array then it goes through a infrared detector with sends the information to a chip witch decods the information and puts it on a screen display.
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Advantages and Disadvantages

some advantages of this technology are that it gives the army and the police force a leg up over there enemies also it makes hunting a little bit easier. Some disadvantages are that this is one of those peases of technology that people rely on, witch some times gets them into trouble.

How easy is it to obtain a thermal imaging camera?

In my research i found it was very easy to obtain one of these cameras witch surprised me because for a tool used by the military i dint think it would be easy obtained but it has proven useful to hunters.


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