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Welcome to the Books Give Joy Team!

Heads Up:

It's about to get fun! You will have some great info coming your way in the next couple of weeks, so take a deep breath, schedule some time to take it all in and enjoy learning more about all the ways this book biz can bless you, your family and your community!

Important Info To Keep:

Your Consultant ID: C5619

Your Website: (It's already up and running! To log-in use your email address and last 4 of your social. Click My Account, then you can then "Add Event" and set yourself up an eShow (watch the video) where you are the hostess and send that link out to announce your new business to all your family and friends!)

Consultant Login ("Back Office") Page: (Use your consultant ID and last 4 digits of your social to sign in). This is your dashboard where you will find all sorts of helpful information, you can watch your sales numbers as you earn lots of FREE STUFF (like a trip and other prizes!), and watch the growth of your new team members!

End of First 30 Days: 4/14/16 By doing 3-5 parties in this time you can earn at least half or your whole kit price back! Not to mention other goodies!

End of Incentive Period: 6/7/16 During this time you get to offer DOUBLE FREE Books to your hostesses for parties starting at $250! Too good a deal for anyone to pass up!

Opportunity to Promote "Express Success": If one of your motivations for joining was income, or if you just prefer to work smarter and not harder, let's get you on the track to promote right away and earn an additional 8.5% in commission and bonuses ($300 in book credit and $200 cash)! Ask me about our Promotion Pals group and we'll make it happen. Easy Peasy!

Where To Go:

Watch a tutorial here:

Or use the handy reference image below!

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Team Updates:

There are a few places you'll be added to on facebook as we get started.

1) Our more "local" team led by me: Books Give Joy team facebook group

2) Our larger Usborne team with several other leaders: Dare to Dream facebook group

3) A group for weekly online training with several topics covered from many incredible leaders: S.T.E.A.M. facebook group

And, you can always find info about how to run facebook parties, home shows, links for where to find supplies, and other helpful info on...

Our training site has tons more info on different ways to work the business (facebook parties, home shows, etc.) as well as sample scripts for you to use as templates for you to create your own. Be sure to pop over there for more details and tutorials on getting your biz up and running!

Helpful Tools:

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How Can I Help You:

Please take a few minutes to fill out this quick survey that will help me in tailoring my training to what you are looking to get from the biz! Whether you've joined just for a discount on the amazing books, or you want to bring in another stream of income and be able to splurge on "fun" things, or you really want to bring more of a focus on reading to your community - I'm here to help!

Tricia Schiltz

If we aren't connected on facebook already, click on the little "facebook" text below my name to find me so I can plug you in to our resources that are available to use as you please.

I love helping others set goals, dream big and blow past expectations, so don't hesitate to contact me and let me know what you'd like out of the biz. During the day, I also run around with a bear cub in child-form, so facebook and text are the best ways to reach me!