Spanish immagration

Gold, riches ,and every thing in between.

the spanish moved hear because an new land brings opertunity for horses/livestock, food, slaves, crops, animmal breeding, and the race for the most land at the time.

alonso alvarez de pineda

The spanish discovery of texas occured in 1519, when alonso alvarez de pineda sailed the coastline and drew a map, which led to farther exploration from other sapnish explorers and settlers.

what type of pony arrived with early spanish explorers an settlers?

what was an invention that sephardic (spainish) jews made in the 18th century with reasources from mexico and texas when it was illegal to pratice thier re;igion back in spain

how long did spain claim texas


1. the andakusian pony with arbian breeding

2. the flour tortilla

3. for three centurys 1519 to 1821


many of our citys and counties relate to famous spainerds and musch of our food aswell.

has immagration helped

yes, of coarse because most if not all of texas citezes immagrated for somewhere and bought somethings with them


9-spanish texans

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