College And Career

James Madison University


The college i have picked is James Madison University (JMU). It is located in Harrisonburg, VA.Competitive applicants should minimally have the following:four years of math (one full year beyond algebra II), three years of laboratory science (preferably including biology, chemistry and physics; general science or earth science usually does not count as a lab science); three to four years of the same foreign language or two years of two different foreign languages; four years of English; and four years of social studies. You need an A or B in all classes to  competitivly compete with the other that apply to JMU. You would need a high SAT1 score and ACT score. It helps them decide who to pick and who to drop. SAT2 is not neccesary. When they look at the clubs or sports you have been in, they look for the Quality not just if you were in them or not. Participation abd leadership in clubs and sports are huge on an application.In order to get my degree for Athletic Training I will need a bachelors degree, although some Athletic Trainers have a Masters Degree. The Aplication Fee for an Undergraduate is $50 and for a Graduate student it is $55. Some attraction sites are the Astronomy Park, Mineral Museum, and The James Madison Center. The in state tuition is $9,176 and the out of state tuition is 23,654. The Sports are:MEN Baseball Men Basketball Football Men Golf Men Soccer Men Tennis WOMEN Basketball Women Cross Country Field Hockey Women Golf Women Lacrosse Women  Soccer Softball Women Swimming & Diving Women Tennis Women Track & Field Women Volleyball. I would be interested in Mens basketball and football.