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Improve your outdoor area with attractive gable decoration features

If you want to change the feel of your home, and think that you could do so by altering its external appearance, then you might try adding decorative pieces to the ends of your gables. You might also consider adding these decorative features to the tops of the gable, as they can make even the smallest outdoor room look elegant and self-contained. If you want to know what you can do to improve the appearance of any outdoor space, then adding traditional decoration to the front of the gables could be the solution.

What are the best options for decorating gable ends?

There are several different designs for gable end decoration, the majority of which will fit over similar type spaces, including gaps in the ends of dormer windows, and at the edges of gable roofing for outdoor rooms. The most common types of gable decoration are made from wood, a traditional material which is easily fitted into the shape of the gable, but there are also other materials which might suit you just as well.

Lace-style fittings. With these fittings, it looks as though a small piece of lace has been hung over the end of the gable. They are sometimes known as gable wings.

Running trim. This is one of the most popular types of gable fitting, since it allows you to run the wooden decoration along the sides of the gable, either below the main decoration, or as the whole piece.

Cut shingles. Another popular alternative to leaving the gable blank, these shingles have to be trimmed before being slotted into space. They also need to have a lot of care and attention invested in them, and it may be necessary to fit vents if there is any ceiling in the outdoor space.

Gable drops. Commonly seen on traditional Victorian homes, these are small pieces of decorated wood which hang from the central point of the gable. They are usually accompanied by one of the other versions of decoration here in order to provide an attractive and traditional appearance to your property.

How are the decorations fitted to the gable?

When you ask for gable decorations, they are usually fitted so that the gable decoration is self-supporting. This means that it is most often built-up in a three-square-bracket formation, with the brackets forming a right angle similar to that of the edges of the gable. This helps to keep the decoration in line with your gable ends, and it also helps to support the whole decoration, since the parts put pressure on each other, preventing one from being forced away from the wood of your gable, and ensuring a tight fit.

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