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Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are delicious. Plus they give us a massive energy boost that lots of us need daily. This energy boost comes from 80 milligrams of caffein and 13 or more TEASPOONS of sugar! We all are aware that energy drinks are bad for us. However not in the way you might think.

In Australia, thing are very clearly packaged, and you can see all the ingredients. This is because of the govournment. But sadly in USA these laws don't apply. And if you look in the ingredients on the back of a can of pop, you will probably notice a bunch of confusing words.

Scientists have recently done a test, where they gave numerouse people 2 cans of pop. After the 'guineapigs' drank it, they took a blood test. When the results came back the blood was extremely sticky. The scientists beleive that this is not necessarily the caffein or sugar, but rather the weird ingredients after having mixed with the caffein.This is dangerous because the sticky blood could most likely clot the veins and arteries, causing heart attacks. After watching BTN this week most people beleive that only a certain age group should be allowed to buy energy drinks. What do you think?

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