Candy From The Sky

Chapter 9 I am Malala

Malala's Point of view

Malala's point of view is that she is nervous, happy and worried. She's nervous because she was just in the middle of a war between the Taliban and Pakistan army. There could be another war where she could get injured and so will her neighbors and family. She's happy because the Pakistan army stood up to the Taliban and fought for them. Malala is worried because even though the Taliban was drawn away from the Pakistan army they are still able to come back anytime and she might not expect it.

Our Point Of Veiw

We feel that people in Pakistan deserve better. They are innocent people who deserve to do what they want to do without having to be afraid. The men shouldn't be flogged for some petty reason. Girls should be able to wear what ever they want without having to be told not to. All children should have and education no matter what gender they are like us. I honestly feel bad for all the people in Pakistan it's not fair for them to live such a horrible place.

We feel this way because they are just like us they are human beings that need to be treated well. It's not a fair life for them. They are threatened and whooped and killed for no reason and that's horrible. We feel like their lives should be better they should have freedom, rights and sayings instead of someone telling them what to and not to do. It's not fair and we feel really bad for them.