The Best Heroine!

Kimberly Lambert

Have you ever experienced the struggle to buy food?

Poverty is a hard word to say and experience. Its not just a 7 letter word it describes the hard struggle to live on a day to day basis. The feeling of knowing you cannot provide for yourself or your family is the worst feeling in the world.


It takes someone who knows that feeling and knows how it feels to go without. If they know how it feels they will be more understanding and know what has to be done to relieve the world of this problem. They will be uplifting to the people they help but will have to be strong and want things to change. They will respect them like there isn't anything different about them.

Who can help us?

A woman who will stand on the side of road with you and not be ashamed because she spent many nights doing the same thing. A woman who will tell you day and night that she made it and so can you! A woman who understands the value of money but know that happiness is more than that. A woman who looks at you and understands your situation.